2021“CALL OF CU” — The First Global NFTs Artwork Contest

Contest Introduction

Are you interested in NFT?Do you have a unique understanding of Crypto Universe? Do you itch for creativity and looking for a good platform to exert yourself? If you answered yes to these questions, we’ve got the solution for you backed by an easy way to participate and a rich prize pool with permanent bonus benefits! That’s “CALL OF CU” — — the First Global NFTs Artwork Contest!

Contest Theme: CALL OF CU

All styles accepted, and innovation is encouraged. Take “Call of CU” as the theme to create the artwork.

Contest Progress

  • Submission Time: June 8, 2021 — July 31, 2021
  • Vote Time: June 15, 2021 — July 31, 2021
  • Announcement date: August 5, 2021

Contest Highlights:

  • Every artwork creation is valuable, recognized, and protected;
  • Breaking integration and effective exploration of artistic creation, Crypto technology, and business;

Artists’ Benefits:

  • Generous Prize Pool
  • Auction of Artworks
  • Artworks NFT right confirmation
  • Worldwide Promotion
  • Personal IP
  • Special NFTs/ Exclusive NFT Certificate
  • Online 3D Digital Gallery Display
  • Official Traffic Support
  • Artist’s Guide

Award Criteria

*Artwork’s Influence = Votes on the CU Website* 70% + CU twitter’s click-rate* 30%

  • Honorary Prize Pool: All the high-quality artworks will be added to the honorary prize pool with 1% CU bonus in that, and will get a special NFT!
  1. There is no limitation on the content and creation techniques of the work, such as hand painting, digital, integrated media, etc.
  2. Artworks must meet the following standards:
  • Size: Less than 20 MB(*Recommended)
  • Clarity: Over 300 DPI
  • Amounts: Multiple works can be uploaded
  • All published works must obtain the permission of the artists before being uploaded.
  • Artwork Profile(JPG PNG GIF)
  • Artwork Introduction
  • Twitter Handle
  • The IPFS link of Artwork
  • Personal Wallet Address(ETH)

Voter’s Guide

Contest Requirements

1)All artworks shall be original and integrate, and shall not infringe any statutory rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, portrait rights, and privacy rights of others; it is strictly prohibited to contain political, vulgar, pornographic, and other content, and shall not violate relevant laws and regulations; Plagiarism and misappropriation of other people’s works are strictly prohibited, and commercial use is prohibited without authorization during the competition period. In the event of disputes such as infringement, the submitter shall bear all legal responsibilities.