Get the first pass for encrypt world. Build basic ID system of Metaverse

Memelization is sweeping across the world, and you only need a CU IDCard to enter the encrypted universe!


Jon Radoff, the founder of Beamable, proposed seven levels of the Metaverse structure:Experience;Discovery,Creator economy,Spatial computing,Decentralizition,Human–computer interaction and Infrastructure.

Metaverse becomes a new carrier of human deposit

Life transition from carbon-based to silicon-based,human beings are decarbonizing into silicon.

Innovators are the eternal value of the industry, and we welcome like-minded partners to work together to build CU Ecology.

Global Ambassador Recruitment:

Community Ambassador):

  1. Have certain content generation ability and industry influence;
  2. Timely output relevant tutorials and content (not limited to text and video)…

#CryptoUniverse Ambassadors & Volunteers Program Are Opening Now!

It’s great to see some dedicated community supporting us in the pursuit of our vision. To further strengthen these connections, we plan to create a group of Crypto Universe Ambassadors & Volunteers. That’s the magic of Crypto Universe. …

Crypto Universe

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