Congratulations! The CryptoUniverse & iNFT Partnership, and the opening of “NFT Summer Quartet”!

In celebration of the deep partnership with CryptoUniverse & iNFT and the launch of CryptoUniverse’s First Global NFT Artwork Contest, the “NFT Summer Quartet” will begin today.

Details are as follows:

1)“Call of CU” — — Global First NFTs Artwork Contest

Submission Time: June 8 -July 31

Vote Time: June 15- July 31

Artwork Submission channel:

Notes:- iNFT will select high-quality artworks to participate in the Contest, providing traffic exposure for artists and works, and enjoy the rights and interests of the creators of the competition;

-CU will also select high-quality artworks to help launch the iNFT platform, and even become one of the Gacha in the iNFT;


2)iNFT&CryptoUniverse AMA

Date:June 15

Channel:Telegram of iNFT and CU

Notes: On the AMA, we will publish the cooperation between iNFT&CryptoUniverse and also share more good news with users!

3)Twitter Airdrop

Date:June 18

Channels: Twitter @CU_NFT &@iNFT

Notes: Follow the official Twitter accounts above and do the task! The top 100 will have the chance to win the lucky draw!

4)Vote to Earn

Date: June 15-July 31

Voting channel:

Notes: Vote for the artworks you like on“Call of CU” — — Global First NFTs Artwork Contest

-Appreciation Prize Pool: If the voted artwork successfully enters the influence prize pool, the voters will share the profits of the artwork according to their voting weight.

-Lucky draw: 10 Voters will be randomly selected from the weekly voters to receive the official limited CU Airdrop and Special NFT IDcards on iNFT. The list will be announced on the official Twitter at 10:00 (CEST) next Monday ;

Whether you are a crypto artist, a traditional art creator, or an NFT enthusiast, you can easily get involved and reap the benefits! Do not hesitate to join us!