#CryptoUniverse Ambassadors & Volunteers Program Are Opening Now!

It’s great to see some dedicated community supporting us in the pursuit of our vision. To further strengthen these connections, we plan to create a group of Crypto Universe Ambassadors & Volunteers. That’s the magic of Crypto Universe. With strong technical support, CU Dao has gathered top engineers worldwide to realise its dream and make it come true.

Those supportive community members will be in close contact with us, representing the community worldwide and receiving exclusive rewards and opportunities in return. Together, we will transform tomorrow's metaverse, improve the original linkage between Blockchain and artwork. Sounds great?

CU Ambassadors & Volunteers…

… are going to be the heart and the voice of our community. As a result of a closer connection to the Crypto Universe, our ambassadors are the first ones to get informed about new updates and unique opportunities. Moreover, our ambassadors & Volunteers receive exclusive rewards for their support. Nevertheless, being an ambassador, his responsibilities are representing the vision of Crypto Universe and staying supportive towards all members of our community as follows:

  • Always have CryptoUniverse best interest at heart, are enthusiastic, passionate, and prioritize the project.
  • Understand the basic principles of Crypto Universe protocol.
  • Are eager to get more involved with Crypto Universe ecology.
  • Value long-term growth over short-term price action.
  • Show initiative, educate & help onboard users, and are active across social channels.

Ambassador’s Growth Mechanism

Volunteer(1 Month) — Primary Ambassador — Senior Ambassador & Special Ambassador — Representatives

When you send over your application and we have a quick chat to line up on expectations, you’ll become a Volunteer for a month. This is the phase of the process where you’ll get to know about CU, and start working on tasks. You’ll have a chance to discuss your progress with our core ambassadors, establish goals, and define which working group you intend on joining when you become an Ambassador.

You’ll have tons of different ways to bring your skills and talents to the table, including, but not limited to:

#COMMUNITY:Providing a warm welcome, and mentorship, to newcomers to CU Communities;Representing your region on important CU progress;

#PROMOTION: Speaking about CU at events, workshops, and meetups;Identifying partnerships and other kinds of opportunities for CU to participate in;Participating in calls and tasks that help drive the ecosystem forward;

#UGC: Authoring blog posts and other collateral about CU;Design related posters and other promotional materials; Produce related video elements, etc.

#TECHNOLOGY:Providing technical-related support and suggestions; optimize user experience;

Benefits & Rewards:

Contributing for the sake of being a contribution is its own great reward, but you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • FUNDING — You’ll get early access to bounties, and be eligible to receive funding to host local meetups and workshops
  • SPECIAL ACCESS — You’ll be invited to exclusive events, an Ambassadors-only channel, and behind-the-scenes phone calls with core members
  • SPECIAL NFT STUFF — Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll stand out with cool Polkadot swag, marking you as an extra-special member of the crypto universe
  • TRUE COMMUNITY of DAO — You’ll be working closely alongside some of the most notable figures in the CryptoUniverse space, while forging ties with others who are equally as passionate about architecting a better future for everyone

Now become a Crypto Universe Ambassador and benefit from our exclusive programs and unique ambassador-only opportunities!

Apply here (*It’s free and takes 2 minutes to fill out. Thank you)


CryptoUniverse is the world’s first DeFi+NFT encrypted chain credit platform based on the DID protocol, creating the first exclusive ID Card in the encrypted world for users.

To encourage platform growth and further expose its benefits, CryptoUniverse(CU) will soon host a hackathon in the honor of NFTs & Metaverse. We look forward to more artists and creators building with us, and bring in even more creative minds to expand this great innovation to unprecedented heights.

Do not hesitate to join us, please click here!

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