CryptoUniverse (CU) announced the launch of the beta version of its Flow Ecosystem NFT DID

We are happy to introduce the latest updates of CryptoUniverse (CU), a digital identity(DID) project. At present, CU is migrating and deploying its protocol layer to the Flow blockchain, and has launched the beta version of NFT DID products! It will gradually open up Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, gaming, etc to the digital identity users.

CryptoUniverse (CU) is an NFT Metaverse project built on top of the that offers users “Gacha + Encrypted collection cards”. As the world’s first NFT+Defi on-chain credit platform on top of the DID protocol, CU constructs an integrated set of on-chain ID systems that allows users to navigate the crypto world seamlessly with their unique CU IDCard. Users will have their first ID Card for the crypto world and are thus entitled to an identity in the crypto universe and participate in its governance. Instead of merely some lines of code, on-chain identity will become synonymous with the decentralized spirit and culture of blockchain that knows no borders.

Protocol layer: CU provides users with their first exclusive digital ID card

As blockchain networks grow, more and more economic activities are conducted on-chain, making the need for an unified on-chain identity more relevant. At present, data is stored in silos on different blockchains. Cross-chain identity sharing is not supported. Data on and off-chain are isolated, resulting in identity fragmentation and vacuum. When we transition from a closed platform with application-specific identity and isolated information to an open ecosystem featuring user-owned identity and portable data, we need an identity system that can connect the real world with on-chain economy.

A multi-chain heterogeneous crypto ID system, CU IDCard indexes digital works of IPs in digital identity. Addressing the need for a digital ID, coupled with the individualized artistic expression of identity with Memes by community members, it will become a bridge linking traditional IPs with the crypto world.

Players can open NFT Gacha to obtain their first exclusive character in the crypto universe. The introduction of DAO governance and the on-chain ID system for the Metaverse will create more possibilities for frontier products (eg. DeFi, gacha, crypto cards, etc.), and make it possible to connect with real-world assets such as gaming and art works. More users will enter the crypto universe and enjoy their digital ID and role in digital governance while extracting value from it.

At the same time, as the bridge linking crypto world and traditional art, digital ID will greatly promote the digitization of traditional IPs, and provide more use cases and income-generating channels for traditional IP holders. This will breathe new life into traditional IPs! Traditional IP owners can issue and auction off NFTs of their IPs via the CU marketplace and explore and create more use cases and applications leveraging CU’s offerings and the Flow ecosystem.

After CU completes its protocol deployment on Flow, it will support the interchangeability of IPs from various Flow Ecosystem projects and more interactions so that Flow Ecosystem users will have more value exchange and choices.

Product layer: CU uses NFT as a personalized key to the Metaverse

Unique and indivisible, NFTs can represent individual identities with individual needs, opening the ctypro world to unlimited possibilities. With more and more use cases in place for NFTs, value can be transferred more efficiently. The future of the internet, Metaverse represents a virtual space that can be continuously shared

In this parallel virtual world, people talk, shop and have fun via their virtual identities. These behaviors do not require personal participation, but can interact with the real world. Investment in the Metaverse will reach trillions of dollars. A new Internet paradigm is gradually taking shape and CryptoUniverse is poised to be a gateway to the new world.

We chose NFT as a personalized key to the Metaverse is because we believe: “When every idea is born, its creators should enjoy permanent copyright protection and confirmation of data rights, and benefit from the dividends of the works forever; Of course, not only creators, every participant’s contribution to the ecosystem is valuable and shall be recognized and protected! ”

By organizing the 2021"Call of CU “Global NFTs Artwork Contest, we hope to bring together traditional and crypto art creators around the world for deeper collaboration with the art community; The “CU Global Ambassador Recruitment” program will connect us with premier institutions, projects and community partners around the world to jointly expand the crypto world.

In the future, CU will introduce its specially designed creation ID characters and derivative products as the ancestor IPs and the first set of CU IDCards, to capture the value of the whole CryptoUniverse. What’s more, depending on their scarcity, CU DID NFTs will get airdrops of different proportions of governance token based on the CryptoUniverse DAO protocol. By breeding with other identities, they will have the chance to generating new and more advanced NFTs. Developers can create a gaming ecosystem on top of the idprotocol to offer more fun.

A public chain built for the next-generation applications, games, and digital assets, Flow boasts abundant core original resources and connections with top IPs. It partners with NBA, UFC, Ubisoft, and Warner Music Group, among others and is well received by the mainstream community.

Flow’s unique technical architecture and rich ecosystem resources will promote the development of CU, and its “scalability without sharing” property provides sufficient decentralization and security for NFTs of digital IPs. Issuing NFTs on the Flow blockchain can ensure the scarcity, uniqueness, and authenticity of all digital content.

Ecosystem layer: CU gathers high-quality ecosystem projects to jointly explore the metaverse

CryptoUniverse is driven by the global community, governed by DAO, and has its own complete economic system that incentives players to unleash their creativity and exert autonomy. As users obtain their CryptoUniverse IDcard, they also obtain project governance rights via airdrops. Users can govern the project and initiate proposals to vote on its development pathway and capture the value of the whole ecosystem through DAOshare.

At present, CU has joined hands with esteemed ecosystem partners such as Mynft (China’s first Flow ecosystem project) and national architects’ Cthuwork (China’s largest non-governmental Minecraft organization) to strengthen business cooperation, fully leverage each other’s technological advantages and market resources, and further explore the global market in Flow. They will enrich Flow ecosystem’s application scenarios and jointly contribute to the industry’s prosperity.


CryptoUniverse is the world’s first DeFi+NFT encrypted chain credit platform based on the DID protocol, creating the first exclusive ID Card in the encrypted world for users.

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