#CryptoUniverse Global Ambassadors Program Instructions

Innovators are the eternal value of the industry, and we welcome like-minded partners to work together to build CU Ecology.

Global Ambassador Recruitment:

Community Ambassador):

  1. Timely output relevant tutorials and content (not limited to text and video) according to CU itself and the products of CU Ecology, to help community users to get started with the new products faster;
  • Reprint official news or articles of CU to various channels and communities in a timely manner, and interact with CU Global in each channel community;

3. Translated and disseminated CU publicity articles;

  • Content of CU publicity includes: push the latest ecological articles on CU Medium; The latest announcements and important tweets pushed by social platforms such as Telegram/ Discord /Twitter;

4. Being an active community manager in various project communities, helping to manage the community, and guiding a positive and positive chat atmosphere;

  • Community includes: Telegram/Discord/Wechat/Whatsapp/Line/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube community;
  • Publicity and promotion of CU activities, leading users to follow /like/ retweet CU social media and activities;
  • Empower with other CU partners by combining community resources (sharing in groups /AMA/ design creation…) ;
  • Suggest ideas for CU’s global development;
  • Help CU to promote community activities to each group, and guide users to participate in the activities correctly;

5. Assist CU in planning related community activities, and introduce CU or its ecological projects as ambassadors in specific activities; Including organizing community activities, inviting experts and scholars or industry leaders;

  • Participate in various ecology-related activities as CU Ambassador, and deliver content introduction of CU projects.

6. Good at resource docking, which can help CU to expand global ecology-related resources and help CU to localize ecological projects.

Technology Ambassador:

  1. Help to translate CU related technical articles;
  2. Organize online and offline developer activities for CU, participate in developer activities as CU technical ambassador and introduce CU related technical documents to CU community developers;
  3. Provide technical guidance for projects built on CU;
  4. Help CU to expand projects and develop resources.

Notes for the First Ambassadors

  • There is no limit on the number of CU volunteers, and the best ones will be admitted;
  • Excellent community ambassadors will be selected to the CU DAO Governance Committee

Join the CU Ambassador Program and you will reap the rewards

  • The first Ambassador-Award Pool, totaling 5 million CU, will be awarded based on contributions voted by the DAO community. Subsequent awards will be expanded according to the number of ambassador applications!

2. CU Ambassador Certificates: Depending on the time and stage of CU Ambassador accession, different NFT certificates will be issued to prove his/her ambassador status.

3. Personal IP exposure: Selected Ambassadors will receive official CU coverage at the beginning of their official term.

4. Early Bird Earnings Opportunities: CU Early Limit/Whitelist;

5. Activity subsidy: according to the community influence and activity needs, you can apply for a certain amount of CU/NFT cards from the CU DAO Committee as a community reward;

6. CU Dao Council: Able to pass the Global Ambassador Program and be selected as a member of the CU Dao Council;

7. Strong official support: Those who have served as CU ambassadors are given priority to receive official resources.

*CU DAO Governance Committee reserves the right to interpret the decision.

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