On August 15th, the Crypto Universe Genesis Identity NFT Equity Badge officially opens for pre-sale!

Get the first pass for encrypt world. Build basic ID system of Metaverse

On August 15th, the Crypto Universe Genesis Identity NFT Equity Badge officially opens at 18:00(UTC+8), for pre-sale! The first 50 users who collect all five different identity badges will get a free chance to draw a blind box of Genesis identity cards in addition to their existing badge rights, with a chance to draw a KING identity card worth 10ETH and a chance to unlock a rare hidden character in the Genesis identity cards!

The CU NFT Digital ID Product Beta Release Program is in progress! In the future, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, games and other play methods of this digital ID role will be gradually opened to the market. The first encrypted ID NFT Creation ID on the chain will soon present, please look forward to it!

Sales volume of the first batch of Identity NFT Equity Badge: 500 pieces

Website: http://www.cryptouniverse.fun

Badge Introduction: The CU Creation ID Badge is the first NFT role launched by Crypto Universe. The initial price is 0.02 ETH/piece, and the first sale batch is 500 pieces. The CU Creation ID Badge is presented as a cartoon character image, with a total of five different roles, corresponding to five CU ID cards.

1. log in to the website of CU (Fig. http://www.cryptouniverse.fun ), click to enter the “Market” interface and select the preferred badge for purchase;

2. The pre-sale is carried out on Opensea. Based on Matic (Polygon) Ethernet Layer 2, please ensure that the associated wallet is switched to Polygon network and ensure that the corresponding wallet account has enough funds, so as not to affect the purchase;

3. The number of badges purchased by a single account is not limited, and it will be stopped when it is sold out; when you have collected all five different Creation ID Badges, you may obtain the opportunity to select mystery boxes free of charge after the subsequent mystery box function is initiated.

4. Users who purchase successfully can view the purchased badge through the “My Collection” of CU;

What can you do after getting a badge?

  • Creation ID Badge can be used for collection/presentation;
  • Limited meme by Metaverse Creation ID
  • Metaverse Creation ID Badge
  • Mystery box surprise courtesy: The top 50 users who gather five different ID badges can obtain a mystery box lottery opportunity of creation ID card for free in addition to their existing badges. In the mystery box, users not only have the opportunity to draw KING ID card with a worthy of 10 ETH, but also have the opportunity to unlock the extremely scarce hidden character characters in the creation ID card!
  • Limited cartoon product airdrop: ID badge holders will randomly obtain limited cartoon product NFT airdrops. The release time of each limited cartoon product/airdrop shall be subject to the official deduction announcement
  • Priority experience of ID ecology program: experience ID ecology project preferentially
  • CU DAO membership: Participate in DAO governance
  • Activity index on the chain: the first batch of activity index on the chain in the encrypted world

Introduction to Creation ID Card

Creation ID is a total of 10,000 NFT digital IDs, which are divided into five roles, KING (encrypted world creator), RULER (rule maker), BUIDL (builder), Whale (ecological disruptor), and Player (player), representing wisdom, cooperation, destruction, innovation, and stability in the encrypted world, respectively. The ID initial release is limited, the smaller the number, more scarce the IDs. After you obtain the role, you can activate it, bind the address on the Flow chain and the address on the Ethernet chain (further platforms are subsequently supported), and obtain the ID on the chain and governance right on the chain through the ID on the chain.

After obtaining the first ID interest through the mystery box

  • NFT mining rights: rare NFT will mine NFT pools on the first planet in the future, obtain benefits, and open mining in turn in the order of scarcity
  • ID activation: After obtaining the ID, the ID activation can be performed subsequently, binding the ID on the multi-chain to the ID NFT to obtain the ID on the chain exclusively belonging to oneself
  • Limit cartoon product airdrop: ID card obtains the corresponding limit cartoon product NFT airdrop
  • Priority experience of ID ecology program: experience ID ecology project preferentially
  • The first batch of ID official publicity: official publicity of the first batch of activated ID users
  • Hide Easter Egg of role

About CU

As the world’s first encryption chain NFT platform based on DID protocol, CU builds a unified on-chain ID system used in Metaverse, so that encrypted users can seamlessly enter the encrypted world by obtaining CU IDcard. They can get the first ID card in the encrypted world, and obtain the governance and ID rights of the encrypted world. From then on, ID is not only a string of code, it is a kind of blockchain that represents the decentralization of spirit and culture across the world and region. In addition to collecting attributes, you can also obtain the ID right and governance right of the encrypted world, it is very Cool!

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