The Entrance to Metaverse: CryptoUniverse


Jon Radoff, the founder of Beamable, proposed seven levels of the Metaverse structure:Experience;Discovery,Creator economy,Spatial computing,Decentralizition,Human–computer interaction and Infrastructure.

Metaverse becomes a new carrier of human deposit

Life transition from carbon-based to silicon-based,human beings are decarbonizing into silicon.

The concept of “silicon-based life” was first proposed in the 19th century.All life on the earth is composed of organic matter, and organic matter contains carbon element, and carbon element is used as the skeleton to form many organic macromolecules, such as protein and DNA.The living things on our planet are called carbon skeleton life, that is, carbon-based life.

Silicon-based organisms are life with silicon at the core, which may be a little difficult to understand, but it has begun to take shape.With the gradual development of artificial intelligence technology, human-like intelligence and powerful artificial intelligence capabilities have gradually become prominent.Artificial intelligence is based on a silicon-based processor as the core, relying on data, components can be replaced at any time, and it has efficient information acquisition and processing capabilities.They don’t need to eat, they won’t get sick, they won’t grow old, and they can work as long as they have electricity. The boundary between human intelligence and artificial intelligence is gradually blurring, and even the learning speed of artificial intelligence is much faster than that of humans. It is only a matter of time before it surpasses human intelligence.

When artificial intelligence surpasses humans, humans will be liberated from basic production and life. Human beings will not have to engage in repetitive basic labor, and will have a lot of free time to pursue spiritual entertainment.The physical world cannot meet the ever-expanding entertainment needs of mankind due to space and geographical restrictions. Artificial intelligence and the virtual network world created by global creators will be the choice of most people, because it is always a wonderful and always novel adventure place.

Breaking the population limit,escaping into the void is the best solution to the problem

Malthus’s three population theorems:

  • The first point is the principle of population restriction: indicating that there must be a certain normal ratio between population and means of subsistence, “means that population growth is bound to be restricted by means of subsistence”;
  • The second point is the principle of population proliferation: “When the means of living increase, the population often increases with it”;
  • The third point is the principle of population equilibrium: “The dominant population’s reproductive power is suppressed by poverty and evil, so that the actual population can maintain a balance with the means of living.” This principle is closely related to the first two principles. It shows that the balance between population and means of subsistence will eventually be achieved, but this balance is not achieved naturally, but is the product of various “inhibitions.”

The Malthus population theorem reveals a cruel fact, the contradiction between population growth and linear growth of resources, this is not an economic problem, nor a sociological problem, but a simple mathematical to solve this problem?It can be a great leap in production capacity, human beings open up the sea of stars and carry out alien immigration.It can also be that the demand for individual resources is infinitely small, which means that humans lie in the survival capsule and live in the virtual world.

Only need a small space and necessary nutrient solution, you can live in a wonderful virtual world, and even achieve immortality. Get rid of carbon-based constraints.As the cost of VR and AR equipment, networks, and related software and hardware drops, it is only a matter of time before humans escape from the void.

Ubiquitous data flow,human beings are a bunch of empty data

Yuval Harari described some of these points in a brief history of the future:

  • Science is gradually converging on an all-encompassing dogma, which is that all living things are considered to be algorithms, and life is to process data.
  • Intelligence is decoupling from consciousness.
  • Unconscious but highly intelligent algorithms may soon understand ourselves better than we do.

These views reveal a world where data streams are ubiquitous in the future. Whether it is science, consciousness or even life itself, it is a string of data that can be quantified by elegant mathematical formulas.In the course of history, we are building an all-encompassing data network. With the development of the network, human beings are being downgraded from designers to chips and then down to data, and finally become a ripple in the torrent of data.

Enter the vritual world from CU,CryptoUniverse is the entrance to the void

1. Virtual Identity-Metaverse Core

The core of Metaverse lies in credibly carrying people’s asset rights and social identity.We need a universal identity to socialize, create, labor, produce, and trade in Metaverse. Metaverse’s identity is similar to a real-world ID card. The premise is that you must have an identity to obtain all assets. Identity rights and governance rights will be It is the core power of Metaverse.

CU (Crypto Universe) IDcard is a set of on-chain ID cards. Based on the identity protocol, it integrates user chain information in the NFT, including encrypted basic information, multi-chain assets, credit, identity roles, etc., to build a unified set for use in Metaverse The on-chain identity system allows encrypted users to seamlessly enter the encrypted world by obtaining the CU IDcard, possess the first ID card in the encrypted world, and obtain the governance and identity rights in the encrypted world.

You can obtain a virtual identity image through CU customization, which can be an encrypted artwork, a self-created image, or an NFT asset. Diversified and personalized choices will make your identity unique and unique With a sense of substitution, you can show your unique personality in Metaverse through your virtual identity.

CU (Crypto Universe) IDcard has the following characteristics:

1) Security: The identity information of the identity owner based on the address on the chain will not reveal the real information of the user;

2) Self-controllable identity: Users can manage their identities independently, instead of relying on a trusted third party.

3) Identity portability: The identity owner can use his identity data wherever the identity protocol is supported.

Based on the CU (Crypto Universe) IDcard, the social links of social networks in Metaverse occur at the data level, not the application level. This model will promote the promotion of new social methods and eliminate social data monopoly.

2 Open Economic System

Crypto Universe is built on the blockchain, driven by the community, and governed by DAO. It has its own complete economic system, which encourages players to create and autonomy.When the user obtains the Crypto Universe ID card, he also obtains the project governance rights (the governance rights will be sent by airdrop). The user can also use the governance rights obtained by the role to initiate proposals for the governance of the project, and for the development of the project The route is used to vote, and the value of the entire ecology is captured through DAOshare.

3 Creator Economy

This is a more open market-the NFT market based on the needs of identity components. By constructing encrypted digital identities, the encrypted works are indexed in the digital identity, thereby building a bridge between the creator and the encrypted world.CU IDcard owners can index their favorite NFT works in their digital identities through the identity agreement, as a channel to show their personalized expression.Creators can also put their works on the open market through the identity agreement for CU IDcard users to choose.As a way to link the real world and the smart world, digital identity will greatly promote the creation of creative works and provide creators with more income-generating capabilities. This will be the inclusive of great innovation capabilities!

The CU IDcard digital identity protocol binds encrypted identities with encrypted creators, and builds a new encrypted circulation market-the digital identity market through the rigid demand of identity supplemented by the personalized expression needs of community meme!

CU IDcard is a bridge linking the encrypted world and the traditional world. The opening of the identity will carry unique value of digital information assets, such as art, medals, props, virtual images, etc., through the NFT index, and the establishment of encrypted data rights, value sharing, Promote circulation.

4 Decentralized

The core of Crypto Universe is to have an economic system independent of the real world and a blockchain decentralized system to protect the rights of owners.The decentralized clearing and settlement platform and value mechanism provided by the partial chain technology can guarantee the value attribution and circulation of Metaverse, thereby ensuring the stability and effectiveness of the economic system and the transparent and deterministic implementation of the rules.

Development dividend for the next ten years

In fact, both Metaverse and DeFi are currently in an early stage of the industry. In the early days, a lot of innovations will accumulate and a real future unicorn will be born. Maybe the future Metaverse “Twitter, Facebook, Google” Will be born in Metaverse!


CryptoUniverse is the world’s first DeFi+NFT encrypted chain credit platform based on the DID protocol, creating the first exclusive ID Card in the encrypted world for users.

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