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CryptoUniverse crypto universe, there are many habitable planets in the crypto universe, at the beginning of the chaos, here is still a flood of land, people need to build, so adventurers, came here to explore, accidentally obtained habitable uncivilized planet, became the star master, occupy the planet to obtain the original resources, capture the value of the meta-universe, but the planet needs to be developed, so there are later builders (Hacker), rulers (Ruler), ecological destroyers (Whale) and residents (Player), there are multiple planets in the universe.

each planet goes through this process, when the planet is completely occupied, development and construction, and continue to split into multiple countries, people continue to multiply trade, gradually prosper, some lucky people become the king of the new kingdom, some people become other roles, after the construction of the universe is very prosperous, with a variety of rare treasures. It attracted many residents of other universes to settle and play here, so the universe has formulated a unified identity rule (identity protocol) and world law.

People who come here to live must have the identity of the universe before they can live legally, and before The adventurous players (limited to 10,000) who started to enter all became the ancestor IP, and the ancestor IP will capture the value of the entire CryptoUniverse encrypted universe identity ecology.

Game play

Planet creation

Acquisition method

  • Obtain the ancestor IP character directly to obtain the occupation.
  • Collect five cards to generate a new planet.

Build infrastructure

  • After occupation or generation, planetary infrastructure needs to be built to extract energy.
  • After the construction of the facility is completed, the rest of the characters will be destroyed and the planet certificate will be generated.

Planet rotation

Through the participation of all users of the planet in construction, participate in various economic activities, stimulate the operation of the planet, and generate more energy (income)

Description of key concepts


Similar to the real world planet, a place where a group of people gather will trigger operation and become a dynamic economy when certain conditions are met.

The two states of the planet:

1. Created successfully, not running.

2. Create successfully and run.


The person who initiated the construction of the planet needs to gather 5 cards to create the planet, and after the planet is successfully created, the cards are destroyed. After the planet is successfully created and starts to run, a part of the assets in the economy will flow into the sponsors.


With cards as the medium, people entering the planet and residents are divided into five roles, namely: KING, WHALE, BUILD, RULER, PLAYER. Different roles enjoy different rights and interests in the planet according to different rarity.

Factors for the planet to start running:

1. Successful creation of the planet

2. Residents over 100 must include 5 roles.

Planet Land:

Land similar to the real world

Planet building:

Real-world-like buildings


The most valuable support in the economy is similar to real-world gold.

Sequence of system establishment

  1. Card sales, users hold cards
  2. Start the mateverse build and allocate planet places
  3. The originators began to create planets
  4. The promoters summoned the inhabitants of the planet
  5. Planet run
  6. Land auction
  7. Building Construction
  8. Building mateverse other rules

Genesis Identity

Important role:

Planet promoter:

A certain cost needs to be invested in the early stage. After the planet is founded and operated, the income keeps increasing.

The income has a direct connection with the planet’s residents, and the more residents, the higher the income. Later, you can receive part of the land for free.

Planet inhabitants:

Residents holding cards to enter the planet, a group of people digging for energy in the planet, with a small and broad interest body. When land is sold, the right to buy land.

Immigration role:

Lease land and get agreement income


Star owner custom rent collection, fixed agreement fee

Specific gameplay

Entrance: Only users with identity NFT can access

Planet Occupation: Obtain resources after occupying the planet-Obtain planet resources

In-game circular economy:

CU Token Purchase Raw Material Construction: Apparel, Models and Peripherals

Land: Each planet has a limited number of plots, and users need CU to purchase plots to build buildings

Combat and plunder: combat for resources

Social: In-game communication, display, interaction

Planet Acquisition Protocol Revenue (NFT LP)

  • 25% of the proceeds of the blind box sale
  • 25% of the identity market revenue
  • 25% of the activation proceeds of the identity agreement
  • 25% of Metaverse Protocol revenue

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